today I'm doing a live audience podcast show that will be uploading in a couple Thursdays, so I couldn't make any new episode for yall, so I decided ...View Details

In this episode, I had the chance to chat with several of our listeners on the previous episodes that they really liked on the podcast, and they had a...View Details

A life-changing story that will motivate you to do better. In this episode, I had the chance to chat with one the top trainer at Just-Move locates in ...View Details

In this episode, we chat about the best way a guy can approach a girl, and also what does a girl look for when approached by a guy, and what is the m...View Details

In this episode, we talk about the important things that men should know when getting into a relationship with a woman. My guests also talk about what...View Details

In this episode I the pleasure to interview a poet originally located in Philadelphia name @justmikethepoet on IG. The interview went in full details...View Details

In this episode we discussed is it possible for a person to stay friends with their ex after a relationship, even if it ended on a bad term. We also t...View Details

In this episode, I had the chance to chat with a nutritionist/dietitians on how a positive mindset can make life easier, and how a positive mindset c...View Details

Staying focus in life could be a hard task especially when attending college and working at the same time so in this episode, I had the pleasure to ch...View Details

In honor of Women's History Month, in this episode, we talked about how a woman can gain self-confidence. I had the pleasure of interviewing to ladies...View Details

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