Staying focus in life could be a hard task especially when attending college and working at the same time so in this episode, I had the pleasure to ch...View Details

In honor of Women's History Month, in this episode, we talked about how a woman can gain self-confidence. I had the pleasure of interviewing to ladies...View Details

In this episode, my guests and I discussed how can someone break their bad habits and build good ones. They also talk about some of the habits that th...View Details

Is it hard in today society to find that one person you really like and get into a relationship? In this episode, my two guests and I discuss some th...View Details

In this episode, my guest and I discussed how and when to let go in a relationship. they explain their past experience on how they knew when it was ti...View Details

Do you know the characteristic men look for in women? or do you know what characteristic to look for in women? In this episode, we discuss the most im...View Details

In this episode, my good friend Marc and I chop it up on some interesting relationship topic. What is the meaning of the talking stage? Are yall talki...View Details

That one interesting podcast that talk about relationships, life, and music, that is interestingly funny and layback.

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